24/7 Fitness Center

Memberships starting at $35/month


An isolated room for serious weight lifters. Our floors are reinforced with padding so you can safely drop your weights. Lift like a pro and with the pros as several competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters are members of our private fitness center.
Membership access starts at $50/month.

Machines include: 6 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, stair climber, 3 recumbent bikes, Nustep, 4 Cybex arc trainers, SciFit upper body ergometer, SciFit arm/leg bike, and rowing machines.

Other cardio/core strengthening equipment: exercise rig with monkey bars, climbing rope, punching bag, weighted sleds, lateral lunge platform, jump rope, sit up bench, reverse russian stand, russian chair, stackable steps, ab roller, battle rope, TRX, physio balls, step ladder, and slide board.


Free motion machines and adjustable pulley system towers with a wide variety of cable attachments. 

Cybex Eagle isolateral machines: shoulder press, lat pull down, abs, pec fly, hamstring curl, leg press, bicep curl, tricep extension, back extension, row, quad extension, calf raise, chest press.

Adjustable benches and chairs to target every desired muscle fiber.

An array of Hammer Strength machines, dumbells (1-150 pounds), barbells, plates (2.5-100 pounds), and medicine balls.

Other machines: prone row, calf raise, terminal knee extension, pelvic-loaded squat, and preacher curl.


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Meal Planning
Sports Recovery
Exercise Programming
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Passive Stretching
Functional Movement Screening

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