Dermologica products and 100% organic solutions are used for all facials and chemical peels. 

Luxury Facials

Breaktime Facial (35 mins) $70

Pamper yourself with our 35-minute facial that is easily incorporated into any busy schedule, feel refreshed with this soothing treatment that includes extractions, a relaxing face massage, a masque tailored to your skin type and warm soothing towels before we send you back into your busy life with some hydrating moisture.

Fresh Fruit Masque (45 mins) $85

Touch base with your organic nature loving self with this fresh fruit masque facial. Start with a double cleanse, exfoliate with a fresh fruit enzyme scrub, an organic essential oil infusion with a light face and neck massage, then based on your facial assessment an avocado, papaya, oatmeal, squash, banana, cucumber, yogurt or lemon masque made on site will be applied. Walk out with a refreshing vitamin C eye treatment and moisturizer.  Enjoy this all natural organic pamper session for 45-minutes.

Rejuvenating Anti-Aging (45 mins) $95

Release the stress and tension that has built up over time with this 45-minute revitalizing facial. Start with a refreshing steaming, rejuvenate with a skin resurfacing Microfoliant that helps reduce the chemical and environmental stresses that add years to the face. Extractions are included along with a multivitamin power recovery masque and the appropriate eye masque depending on your individual facial assessment.  Enjoy a European face massage that includes the décolleté, relax with warm towels and finish strong with an under-eye serum and antioxidant HydraMist. Feel the difference with younger looking more vibrant skin!

Gold Face Masque (45 mins) $95

Tighten skin, increase elasticity and decrease collagen depletion with this 45-minute luxurious 24k Gold face Masque Facial.  Improve circulation, reduce redness and protect against free radicals that causes wrinkles and sun damage. This facial includes the refreshing steaming and special cleansing gel, exfoliant, extractions and essential vitamin massage along with our 24k face and lip masque.  A complementing under eye-treatment is included with a hydrating moisturizer.

Dead Sea Mud Masque (60 mins) $115

Detoxify skin of the accumulated impurities, improve elasticity, reduces pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, the minerals of magnesium, sodium and potassium help enhance your skins ability to retain moisture.  This facial is also great for acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Start with refreshing steam and a gentle cleanser, exfoliate with an organic dead sea salt scrub for the face, hands and feet. Extractions are included as well as a light massage for the face, hands and feet followed by the Dead Sea Mud masque for the same areas. Warm towel treatment is included along with customized moisturizers.

Mens Deluxe Facial (60 mins) $125

Men need some pampering too! This facial is designed to not only meet but go above and beyond all the needs of a man’s skin.  It starts with a warm steam combined with a mild cleanser (depending on skin type), an organic natural fruit enzyme exfoliant, extractions, a face, neck massage with relaxing essential mineral oil, a masque and mild chemical peel (chosen according to your skin assessment), paraffin detoxifying wax treatment for the hands and feet, finishing with a warm towel treatment and light moisturizer. Enjoy this pampering, detoxifying, ultra-relaxing facial that leaves you walking out feeling like a rested, refreshed king!

Queen Deluxe (60 mins) $145

This lavish facial fulfills every woman’s perfect pampering session ideals and keeps you hooked.  Starts with a warm steam and rejuvenating skin resurfacing Dermalogica Microfoliant double cleanser, exfoliated with an organic honey and brown sugar scrub, extractions are included along with an essential mineral oil massage of the face, neck and shoulders.  This facial includes the 24k Gold lip and face masque that assists with skin brightening and tightening, decreases collagen depletion and promotes elasticity production and circulation.  Paraffin detoxifying wax treatment for the hands and feet, finishing with a hot towel treatment, an awakening under eye treatment and customized facial moisturizer. This luxury facial is made for the royal highness found in every strong woman, the royal treatment that you deserve!

Back Facial (60 mins) $150

The back needs aesthetic care and attention too! This treatment is meant to help soothe and smooth the back of bumps and acne. Starts off with a double cleanse, exfoliate with the Dermalogica Microfoliant, relaxing steam treatment, perform extractions if necessary and finish with back masque chosen in accordance to your skin assessment and a stress releasing massage.  Great for both summer and winter seasons!

Vampire Facial (60 mins) $700

Dracula has nothing to do with this treatment- but blood does! This amazing facial combines PRP with a generous amount of micro needling (also known as collagen induction therapy). This treatment is great for clients that want to tighten skin, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, reduce hyperpigmentation, it also encourages collagen production, stimulates tissue regeneration and also stimulates blood circulation.  Starts with a blood sample drawn by our skilled professionals. The platelets and growth factors are extracted for topical use.  Enjoy a double cleanse, the micro needling procedure with PRP masque, finish with a light Dermalogica facial moisturizer infused with essential vitamins and antioxidants along with an under-eye lift treatment. Leave us feeling brand new!

Facial Add- ons

Gold Lip mask $20

Revitalizing eye treatments $30

Extractions $35


Chemical Peels 

Benefits: Improves clarity, tone, and texture, smoothing skin, intended to remove outermost layer, helps with acne prone skin, blemishes, freckles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and stimulates new collagen and skin cell growth. 

        Ultra- Bright Peel                     $65

       (Lactic Acid)

        Advanced Renewal Peel          $80

         (Glycolic Acid)

        Power Clean Peel                     $80

         (Salicylic Acid)

        Age Reversal Peel                    $120



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